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Company History

NoiseStop Systems (Singapore) was founded in 2005 in Singapore after a consultancy project at the time designed by NoiseStop specified Acoustic and Soundproofing materials that when the team reached Singapore found that there was no such materials in the local market and region for contractors to use.

This resulted in the founding NoiseStop Systems (Singapore) first local office that financed the original start-up capital by the founding investor Mr George Nelson-Smith from York United Kingdom and Dr H L Yap of The Yap Family Singapore.

The business strategy for NoiseStop (S) would be to design and sell the importation of materials from the UK to sell in Singapore and nearby countries. NoiseStop (S) joined forces with local construction firm DMX Construction and The Yap family Corporation for the installation of materials and assistance with building construction practices and procedures set out by BCA.

It was not long after the initial opening that it was realized that Singapore's climate conditions were a problem for the materials that were to be used from the UK or infact large number of countries that had in-different climates.

After extensive research and development it was decided that there needed to be a new material and product range designed specifically for this region that would not be affected by local environmental conditions.

This would require heavy investment and something that the UK branch was not prepared to assist with. The same was said for the Singapore interest from Dr H L Yap that parted company in October of that year. This was one of the main contributing factors for the Singapore company to go it alone with a large injection of funding from still present founding investor Mr George Nelson-Smith and the engineering and innovation of Mr N Nelson the company designed and developed a revolutionary product range launched in January 2008. The NoiseBlock ™ range of products not only was suitable for Singapore and South East Asia it had been reinvented in terms of its Noise Control capabilities and performance.

These new materials products and methodologies were all solely invented and developed by who is now recognized as the leading expert in noise control materials Mr Netaro Nelson.


NoiseStop (S) was the pioneer soundproofing and acoustic company in Singapore when it started 16 years ago in Singapore.

NoiseStop Systems Singapore over the years have been the driving force in the industry designing, developing and implementing new standards and leading the way forward.

In the pioneering years when NoiseStop (S) attended conferences to explain the need for soundproofing and acoustic treatments in the up and coming developing pace of Singapore there was a lot of difficulties convincing people that this was the way forward. There was also a lot of problems with contractors and designers misunderstanding the complexities of our products. The biggest case of this was the confusion of thermal insulation materials with soundproofing insulation.

The early confusion was based on contractors thinking that because the soundproofing and thermal insulation looked similar in color and texture that they were the same material. Which lead to contractors using the cheapest insulation they could find which was of course thermal insulation instead of using soundproofing. Still to date this has been the biggest problem in the market and a hardest to overcome.(See thermal insulation vs. soundproofing insulation by Netaro Nelson).


In 2008 NoiseStop (S) was given a very special and honored and privilege for to do the soundproofing treatment for the Presidents and Prime Ministers box for the 2008 Formula 1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix.

As a afterthought from the project NoiseStop (S) was asked to design and develop a sound barrier for use with the F1 circuit. This can be said to have lead the way to the introduction of sound barriers in Singapore. The first sound barrier that we tested was used in Bukit Timah area of Singapore Facing the expressway near Stevens road. After which the proposal and design was put forward to the main contractor for the Tampines viaduct project.


In 2011 NoiseStop Systems Singapore R&D department designed and developed the first Soundproofing and Acoustic Curtain for the Universal Studios project in Singapore that could archive 36dB reduction the same performance as a wall and was class 0 fire rated, both of which were thought to be impossible.

This then paved the way for the commercial and residential soundproofing curtains to be implemented and now used in homes and officers all around our island. Sadly there are still contractors and suppliers that still believe that a soundproofing curtain is just thick velvet.


2012 NoiseStop (S) made the first soundproofed window in Singapore that reduced by 30 decibel. It took over 4 years to design and develop a pure soundproofing window but it was worth the wait. The original window used double glazed glass and the panel was around 25mm thickness. It wasn't long after implementation that other companies began marketing their normal windows as soundproofing ones.

This again has lead to yet another problem in the market, double glazing used as a term for soundproofing glass. (See Thermal Glass Vs Soundproofing Glass).


In early 2013 the board of directors of NYTC international and investors setup the Non-for-profit Grant Scheme (NFP Grant) for short that would extend to being applicable to customers of any of its subsidiaries such as NoiseStop System Singapore.

The idea behind the scheme was to give support and contribution to Singapore's prosperity and development by providing free consultancy to the Government Sectors and non-for-profit organizations and at the same time pledge funding to allow for these sectors to be able to utilize the best noise control solutions within the available budgets.

Mr N Nelson Senior Acoustic Consultant / Engineer who is a PR in Singapore working for the company set aside a substantial amount of time and effort as part of this effort to aiding the support of this project. Which to date he is still doing as an active pledge of contribution to Singapore.


In 2014 NoiseStop (S) was invited to assist with the Media Corp development project at Buna Vista. Shinro Construction commissioned NoiseStop (S) to propose soundproofing measures for 30,000 square meters of coverage. The proposal was endorsed by a 3rd party Acoustic Consultancy firm ACVIRON. Thereafter the material was tested and endorsed.


In 2015 saw the start NoiseStop (S) giving assistance with LTA for the MRT projects at Great World City, Havelok Road, Napier Road and Lentor to name but a few.

NoiseStop (S) purpose is to provide free consultancy to LTA and assist them in exploring new solutions in the tackling Noise Control issues from construction works for residence.

LTA have made it very clear that they are very concerned with noise in general and want to do all that they can to explore new ways at reducing noise and improving on the systems that they have in place. NoiseStop (S) is very pleased to be of any service that it can to assist with this ongoing efforts.


2016 HYUNDAI Construction Singapore have met with NoiseStop System Singapore to discuss plans to assist with Punggol Water Town Development. So Far Mr N Nelson Senior Acoustic Consultant / Engineer has proposed improved mitigation measures for 5 different noise problem spots on the project.


2019 NYTC International Organization Purchased the NYTC Micro Tower at Paya Ubi Industrial Estate and began extensive renovations to levels 5, 6 & 7. 2022 67 Pall Mall opened to which we were join Acoustic Consultants with Advanced Acoustics for the build. Aside from the Consultancy NoiseStop Designed and built Pall Mall's Level two wine storage facility, Concierge Office and AHU Room. This included Some thermodynamic achievements, Soundproofing and Fireproofing.


2022 Currently work continues on the restoration of the NYTC Micro Tower building.

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