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NoiseStop Systems Singapore is the market leader in Soundproofing & Acoustic materials and the design and installation of noise control mitigation measures in South East Asia and especially in Singapore since 2005.

Our product range and materials are designed and developed under the guidance of our parent company NYTC International that has well been established globally as "the Manufactures of the world’s Best known brands of Acoustic & Soundproofing Materials & Products".

NYTC International Organization Pte Ltd is our groups holding parent company that manages our portfolio of various subsidiaries and brands within our organization. These include its material and product lines such as NoiseBlock™, Icoustic™, ThermoBlock™, AcoustiScrew™, NoiseBlocker™ to name but a few that are implemented and crafted into specialist noise control systems by NoiseStop Systems Singapore.

It also manufactures a large-scale OEM output comprising of Acoustic foams, Panels, Mineral Boards to name just a few that is then sold in Australia, Spain, Germany, China, United Kingdom and various other parts of the world. NoiseStop Systems relationship within the NYTC International infrastructure is that it is the implementer of the product range into systems used for noise control mitigation purposes.

Our goal is to provide cost effective solutions for customers whilst using genuine authentic noise mitigation materials to achieve the best possible results at the best possible prices. Some of our past projects and customers include:

67 Pall Mall Singapore, Furma Millionaires Club, Native Bar, Cheek by jowl, Burlamacco Ristorante, Hans Restaurant.

Candi Club HCMC, Neverland, Boutique, Tab, DV8, Ministry of Sound Singapore, Arena, Orchard Hotel, Furama Hotel, Quayside, 8 Napier, M Hotel, Holiday Inn, Caesarstone HQ South East Asia, Honest Bee, Google, Allianz

Formula 1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix, Universal Studios

Changi Airport, Singapore Airlines, Safran Helicopter Engines Asia, Mitsubishi, Exon-Mobil, H&T, AMD, Nestles, Hyundai, Dongah

LTA, Singapore Traffic HQ, Singapore Prison Services, SCDF, Singapore Armed Forces, MOE, SMRT, HDB, THK, Singapore General Hospital, Changi Hospital, Raffles Hospital, Glen Eagles Hospital.

Swee Lee Music, Marshall Amplification UK, Music Parlour, Live Amp, Madison Avenue, Kawai Music School, The 8th Note, Melody Music, Yamaha, Mediacorp Mediapolis, Maventus Media TV Studios, 8VI Holdings Ltd TV Studios, Green Screen Studio Singapore, Rediffusion, RedBox TV.

Times Junior, Nu Skin

UOB, HSBC, Suntec City Mall, Kallang Wave Mall, Watertown, Frasers, Claymore Connect, Capitaland,

Parkway Pioneer Junior College, Temasek Junior College, CHIJ, MDIS, NUS, SOTA, NTU, He Guru, Eton House, Deyi Secondary School, Tanglin Trust School, Whitley, Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

Heart of God Church, International Baptist Church, Woodlands EFC, Blessed Sacrament, COOS, Grace, Zion Church, Shalom Church, Church of Christ.

Haus Athletics, Virgin Active, Cru Cycle, Cru Box, Ground Zero, Fight one.

Over the years we have provided again and again our clients the successful results that we had guaranteed. It take attention to detail, good materials, good technically mind staff and a team that cares about the work they do. We have won awards along our journey and continue to do so as we go on.

Not every project is easy and some projects when involving multiple parties can be a challenge but we have never failed to deliver and complete a project to date; which is something that we can be proud of.

Our Focus

Our focus in Singapore is to standout as the markets foremost authority in noise control providing support to customers from anything from acoustic foams for a home studio, soundproofing your windows from traffic noise, music schools or office rooms to large scale projects for the government projects such as the Covid-19 Research and Vaccine production facility in Singapore.

We do this to as a result of the sheer volume of enquiries that we receive every week from soundproofing jobs that were done by other companies & contractors that went wrong. Above The Websites Mission Our site is focused on being a resource of information for users to look through It contains a wide selection of our materials and products online, but is not exhaustive as we actually have catalogued over 600 soundproofing and acoustic material to date with a further 200 other materials and products of different specializations.

The website looks and design is purposely done to keep it simple and to the point as a technical aid. We do not wish to use graphically rich marketing and we certainly don’t want a website that doesn’t really give very much depth to the world of soundproofing and acoustics. As you have probably found when researching on the internet there are plenty of websites out their that have a lot of photos, nonspecific content and you never really get to see any products or materials that they have to offer in any great depth or with specifications.

So As you can see from our website, We might not have a high class fanciful style website with flashy designs and mouth-watering photos, because we know that the content speaks for itself and after reading you will feel that we stand out above the competition as a company that knows what they are talking about.

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