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NoiseBlock Dense Fiber Block (DFB)+ 200Kg Density Soundproofing Insulation (Rockwool Singapore) 'Soundproof Grade Rockwool'. NoiseBlock™ is a specialist Soundproofing & Acoustic range of building materials for use in everyday construction & specialist projects. Using normal building products in everyday construction is no longer enough for the end user. People now want silent, peaceful, Noise Free environments. NoiseBlock is the ONLY True Solution!

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The NoiseBlock DFB 200 Kg Density Block range is specifically developed for Noise Control applications unlike other grades of mineral glass fibre based insulation. It offers unbeatable noise attenuation and noise absorption without compromising its fire resistance properties. In fact DFB's fire protection performance is significantly better than thermal grade insulation (Rockwool Singapore).

The product also maintains its acoustic control abilities however due to the nature of mineral glass fibre materials and their inherent nano and microscopic fibres and glass particles it is not suitable to be used in acoustic applications. In such case requirements using Synthetic Rockwool 'SynthoRock' offers the same acoustic reverberation performance without any of the possible health risks.

NoiseBlock DFB is used in general and specialist building construction applications where soundproofing is required. It can be used to improve and fortify any drywall system cost effectible and simple to implement. DFB consists of a multi compound polymer mixed with high quality resin that is then compressed to an extreme density and then bonded to an conduction dissipation metallic sheet. Specialist thickness and sizes as well as finishing faces are available for special order.

Comparing NoiseBlock DFB+200 Kg Density Soundproofing Grade Rockwool Insulation to that of normal thermal grade insulation at 100 Kg density you can see that the performance of DFB far exceeds that of the normal insulation. This effetive test data shows the importance of using the right material for the right useages.

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Using NoiseBlock DFB+200 in a typical normal building construction will improve instantly any drywall partiton wall by at least 200%. It's the easyist way to give professional soundproofing results to your projects.

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NoiseBlock Basic Soundproof Partition for Office Use is the pefect system for your general usage. Using the same about of layers as a typical system but replacing the normal building materials with our soundproofing range gives you double the noise reduction.

NoiseStop Systems reserves the right to revise product specifications without notice. The information in this document was correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of publication. It is the user's responsibility to ensure that it remains current prior to use. The information in this document is for guidance only and does not form part of a guarantee. E & EO NYTC INTERNATIONAL PTE. LTD.

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