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Welcome to NoiseStop Systems Singapore

Your place for the ultimate Soundproofing & Acoustic products and materials (Soundproof Windows, Soundproof Doors, & Soundproof Services) in Singapore and South East Asia.

We provide impartial advice on Soundproofing and Acoustic Solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial for clients, contractors, architects, consultants, and government organizations and bodies in Singapore and South East Asia.

We have been soundproofing homes and offices in Singapore now since 2005 and in Europe for even longer. A lot of the innovations that you see and industry standards that are used in our everyday soundproofing and acoustic applications are a result of pioneering advancements.

If you are looking tell on your soundproofing problems and need an answer on how to solve your soundproofing problems email our team of trusty soundproofing experts today or call our hotline on Singapore 84447217.

In today's world it has now become more necessary to deal with noisy neighbors than ever before. Most existing properties and new builds have little to no soundproofing materials in them which has led to the need for manufacturers and suppliers like us to provide these sound-insulating materials to create peaceful and quiet places to live, play and work in.

Now that Singapore"s building density has increased in the last 10 years so has the increase in people per capita and that has resulted in there being more and more people occupying every square meter of space. This has led to an increase in sound in our environment which most of us would call noise. Noise pollution is becoming more of a problem & unlike in the past, sound and noise are having a higher increased impact on our quality of life.

More people now complain about the sound/noise of the highway, traffic noise, the sounds neighbors make and the sound from external air-con units as well as this there are other people that find that their neighbors are playing music, home cinema, musical instruments or using TV systems far too loud.

These are all unwanted sounds that many have tried to solve using budget soundproofing measures that unfortunately never provide much in the way of sound isolation or sound insulation.

In fact noise has become polluted and unlike other forms of pollution when treated properly by using our soundproofing it will go away and never return.

We provide Soundproofing for homes (Soundproofing Solutions for Home); soundproofing for flats, HDB, Condos, and soundproofing for landed properties. We also provide soundproofing for the workplace; such as your office soundproofing, and Soundproofing for entertainment areas like the Cinema, Bowling centers, Snooker halls, Malls, clubs, and Karaoke bars. We also provide Soundproofing for Churches, Restaurants, Hospitals, Airports, Factories and so much more. Soundproofing should be installed in any circumstances where you want to reduce or remove noise.

NoiseStop Systems have taken the very best sound proofing products available and brought them all under one roof, to create the ultimate noise reduction products and systems. Our customers have the advantage of knowing we can provide, exceptional quality tailor-made soundproofing solutions, for all their sound insulation needs. All our prices are as kept low as possible, making your hard-earned money go further. We offer a price buster promise to match or beat our competitor"s quotes.

All our products are designed to offer a high level of soundproof quality and five-star performance. We can help you with soundproof rooms, soundproof houses, soundproof ceilings, soundproof floors, sound proof industrial buildings in fact you name it we can probably soundproof it. We have a team of soundproofing engineers covering the whole of Asia ready to help you solve your soundproofing problems.

Our systems are specially chosen to use a minimum amount of space in comparison to traditional methods.

For more information on understanding sound, flanking noise, impact noise, and for ways to effectively treat these problems visit our topics. Click on the links on the left for more information.

For a better quality of life Stop Noise With NoiseStop Systems Singapore.

A Soundproofed & Acousticaly Treated Entertainment Home Space

Soundproofed and acousticaly treated entertainment home space

Since we started in the soundproofing industry many years ago we have always tried to make sure that our products create & give the best soundproofing reduction at the best possible price. Our soundproofing products are carefully selected and designed for the specific region in which we cover. It is important that when you buy soundproofing products they are climatized and will operate in the conditions of the area.

NoiseStop Systems Singapore Product range is slightly different in the make-up of the products and composition to help give better performance in the climate of Asia.


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Soundproofing is very expensive!!

Soundproofing does not have to be expensive for it to give a good reduction in sound.
Yes the more you spend the better the results are likely to be, but this doesnít mean you can not get a good reduction with other materials.

Soundproofing is dependant on: Density, Separation and Depth.
If you are on a small budget please do not use carpet, or thermal insulation it doesnít work neither does mattress foam from old beds.

You need to use the correct material, if you are looking for a budget method contact us and we will advice the best options to you.
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